Company Profile

Ningbo VEVO Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. is an emerging enterprise integrating quality management and production technology from Japan and Taiwan. The main backbone members have 8~10 in mold design, material formulation selection and application, production and quality management, and customer management. Years of work experience, OEM and ODM cooperation experience with many Fortune 500 companies, VEVO is a professional manufacturer that combines the design, manufacture and sales of silicone rubber molds and silicone rubber products.

VEVO’s customer base is mainly concentrated in well-known companies in Japan and Europe. We have been unanimously affirmed by customers in terms of product quality, manufacturing technology, delivery time, cost price and service. The supporting industries have covered cameras, optical instruments, precision instruments, solar energy, sphygmomanometers, electromagnetic pumps, connectors, plumbing, gas safety valves, medical supplies and medical equipment industries.

Quality, delivery, price, service and technology are the goals of VEVO's continuous improvement. VEVO is a company that will never be satisfied with the status quo. Breaking through the results brought by the status quo, we must cooperate with employees, customers and supply Share with the quotient.

Company Culture

  • Integrity and responsibility
    Integrity and responsibility
    Responsible for the promise, once promised to the customers, employees, and suppliers, go all out, the mission will be achieved!
  • Industrious and innovative
    Industrious and innovative
    Industry is good at diligence and playfulness, diligence and then can be good, good and then can innovate, diligence and goodness are a necessary condition for innovation, and innovation is a necessary condition for staying ahead and sustainable operation!
  • Unity and co-prosperity
    Unity and co-prosperity
    Appropriate talents, perform their duties, unite and divide labor, create profits, and share common prosperity!
  • Listen and reflect
    Listen and reflect
    Calm down, listen calmly to all voices from customers, employees and suppliers, and receive advice; reflect on yourself before asking others!

Company Vision

To create a platform for gathering talents, nurturing talents and letting them play, relying on the efforts of talents to accumulate experience and funds, and insist on making continuous contributions to shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the rubber industry. It is hoped that "the one who is near will be happy, and the one who is far away will come" so that Wieland's employees can "end for the old, use for the strong, and grow for the young."