Ningbo VEVO Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. is an emerging enterprise integrating quality management and production technology from Japan and Taiwan. The main backbone members have 8~10 in mold design, material formulation selection and application, production and quality management, and customer management. Years of work experience, OEM and ODM cooperation experience with many Fortune 500 companies, VEVO is a professional manufacturer that combines the design, manufacture and sales of silicone rubber molds and silicone rubber products.

VEVO’s customer base is mainly concentrated in well-known companies in Japan and Europe. We have been unanimously affirmed by customers in terms of product quality, manufacturing technology, delivery time, cost price and service. The supporting industries have covered cameras, optical instruments, precision instruments, solar energy, sphygmomanometers, electromagnetic pumps, connectors, plumbing, gas safety valves, medical supplies and medical equipment industries.