O-ring installation environment requirements and maintenance

The O-ring seal has requirements for the installation environment during installation. At the same time, it does not mean that the installation is complete. In order to ensure its normal use, maintenance needs to be done.
During installation, the installation environment is required to be clean. Do not install in a dusty environment. A large amount of dust in the air will enter the installation site. Once the installation site has foreign matter, it is easy to cause the installation sealing plug to drop, making future use There is a leak.
At the same time, the O-ring should be intact, without any skin damage. If there is any skin damage, the moisture will enter the inside and cause greater damage. Therefore, the surface of the O-ring should be done during installation. Check carefully and clean up the stains on the surface to ensure that there is no dust and oil on the surface.
The burrs on the edge of the O-ring should be cleaned up. If there are burrs during installation, the service life will be shortened and the internal working medium will leak.
The installation must be in place, and auxiliary tools can be used when necessary, so as to ensure that the sealing ring will not move randomly after installation. For those bonded sealing rings, do not forcefully stretch the joints to avoid occurrence fracture.
The end of the installation does not mean that it can be left alone. We still need to maintain and maintain it. After all, the model seal ring also has a service life. When it reaches the limit of use, it needs to be replaced with a new one. During use, if leakage of the internal medium is found, check whether the sealing ring is aging, damaged, or displaced. For the displaced sealing ring, the position needs to be readjusted.