How to purchase high-quality O-rings

In industrial production, O-ring is a very common part. Although its volume is small, it plays a huge role. Its quality is directly related to the sealing effect during use. How do we usually purchase high-quality products? What? Here are some tips for purchasing.
1. If you need to purchase in large quantities, you must choose well-known manufacturers and brands. Generally, foreign brands and manufacturers do better in quality control. As for domestic manufacturers and brands, you need to pay attention to the strength of the manufacturers. Look at the time when the manufacturer was established, the scale, whether the manufacturer’s equipment is complete, and whether the technical staff is professional.
2. When purchasing large quantities, once you purchase a product of unqualified quality, it will bring great losses to your own company. Therefore, before cooperating with the manufacturer, you can ask the other party to provide the same sample to see if the sample meets your needs. The use conditions and use environment.
3. The price of O-ring seals is also an important consideration when purchasing. In order to ensure the purchase of cost-effective products, you may wish to shop around and choose the one with reasonable prices and good product quality among multiple manufacturers to cooperate. It is necessary to be wary of the low price quoted by small manufacturers that may have substandard products.
4. If possible, you can go to the manufacturer for on-site inspections to better understand the manufacturer’s actual production environment and production strength.
When signing a purchase contract, you need to read the content of the contract in detail and check the important terms. When the product is delivered, you should not rush to confirm it. You can take random samples and check whether the product is qualified.